Holistic Poetry

We follow in the shadows of generations before us.

Change Like The Sunset

As the lightness of day yearns to blend with the darkness of night, its transition brings me closer in painting my own.

The Wayward Traveler

Weakness is the potential that unveils true strength
Bitterness is its taste but sweet are the fruits of labored length
A life yet lived will never be as it seems
Use your hands to mold destiny with dreams
For youth finds peace without reflecting on everlasting Truth
Seek those seasoned with genuine speech to ease feeling aloof
The best of paths emanates from the Divine
Lay claim to both past and present for a future sublime
Wayward in uncertainty is one that sails through love’s emotions
Faith is the lighthouse that steers the vessel of the soul through the darkest of oceans

A Pilgrimage of Faith

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My brother and I lived a path no different than our suitcases as we waited to board our flight. Weather-beaten and anxious, we rolled along the check-in line hoping that our past baggage would not prevent us from finding safe haven atop the moving conveyer belt. Once cleared, our bags crowded near the mouth of a river of luggage until they drifted freely through an open tributary towards the plane. We packed into them what little of this world we could muster, carrying nothing more than the perseverance those bags embodied as they continually faced obstacles that attempted to deface its design and purpose. What lay inside our belongings held no comparison to the longing that beat fervently within our chest as we envisioned our footsteps amidst the hollowed grounds of a city that resided within the hearts of over 1 billion Muslims all over the world. We alone were…

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Day of Arafah

As those that are performing Hajj journey to Mount Arafah, let those unable to do so journey to understand the importance this day brings. It’s the day that when fasted brings forgiveness of sins made and yet made. It’s the day that the belief in God was perfected, His favor upon us completed, and submission to Him a choice that was decided (Qu’ran 5:3). It’s the day Prophet Muhammad ﷺ stood to deliver his last sermon reminding us to advocate for the rights of men and especially women, to make equal race and nationality under the banner of character alone, to worship God, to pray 5 times in a day, to fast during the month of Ramadan, to give of our wealth to those in need, and to perform Hajj if able. It’s the day you read this and discover you are apart of a worthy tradition that resonates through time. Blessed be this day as it welcomes the next, insha’Allah.

Near A Distant Friend

“A friend who is far away is sometimes much nearer than one who is at hand. Is not the mountain far more awe-inspiring and more clearly visible to one passing through the valley than to those who inhabit the mountain?”
-Khalil Gibran

Wake Up To A Better Plan

If God plans to shake you, it’s meant to wake you.

Pace Yourself

Every hurdle you face makes the next easier to clear when your pace favors His marathon.

The Cost of Kindness

Kindness comes without a price when you invest in shoes more worn than yours.

Hikmah (Wisdom)

“Hikmah (Wisdom) is knowing when to raise your eyebrow instead of your voice.”
-Boonaa Mohammed

Past Necklace

Before I left my home to journey back to the islands for the last time, I decided to clear away the collection of academic antiquities that lay dormant within the space I called my room. I traveled through time with each drawer drawn, rediscovering graded college papers, high school report cards, middle school art projects, and an unused Book It! reward stub that promised a personal pan pizza in exchange for simply reading in elementary school. These were simpler times, indeed. In the midst of searching through these paperwork-laden drawers, a necklace I wore from long before welcomed my fingertips. As I clasped its lightness in my hand, it quickly grew heavier with every rushing thought of its history. I wear this necklace now to remember how to perceive the past. Choose to wear it like a necklace. Let its grip be loose enough to breathe but just tight enough to keep on. And when you finish with what you reminisce, be grateful that you can take it off.


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