Holistic Poetry

We follow in the shadows of generations before us.

Wake Up To A Better Plan

If God plans to shake you, it’s meant to wake you.

Pace Yourself

Every hurdle you face makes the next easier to clear when your pace favors His marathon.

The Cost of Kindness

Kindness comes without a price when you invest in shoes more worn than yours.

Hikmah (Wisdom)

“Hikmah (Wisdom) is knowing when to raise your eyebrow instead of your voice.”
-Boonaa Mohammed

Past Necklace

Before I left my home to journey back to the islands for the last time, I decided to clear away the collection of academic antiquities that lay dormant within the space I called my room. I traveled through time with each drawer drawn, rediscovering graded college papers, high school report cards, middle school art projects, and an unused Book It! reward stub that promised a personal pan pizza in exchange for simply reading in elementary school. These were simpler times, indeed. In the midst of searching through these paperwork-laden drawers, a necklace I wore from long before welcomed my fingertips. As I clasped its lightness in my hand, it quickly grew heavier with every rushing thought of its history. I wear this necklace now to remember how to perceive the past. Choose to wear it like a necklace. Let its grip be loose enough to breathe but just tight enough to keep on. And when you finish with what you reminisce, be grateful that you can take it off.

Live Without Enemies

Live without enemies to battle the one within.

God Knows

If the good that I do is unknown to you it’s because God knows me so much more than you do.

Beautiful Perspective

To see what is beautiful requires a perspective no less in beauty.

The Struggle of Man

A crime committed much in the world today
Is to be bereft of bliss after moments of play

Hearts grow hardened to habitual routine
Soften each beat to remember the One unseen

Appetites overcome the ranks highest in nations
Remind its true role with balanced deprivation

Minds grow numb entwined in webs of social design
Untangle each thread by living pages from the divine

Tongues in disarray taste defamation as norm
Sift each letter with speech of righteous form

Lives that lose meaning between start and end
Are souls still precious enough to be His friend

Seek The Truth

If you are drawn to power, turn to the One that owns the Last Hour
If you are blinded by fame, even those in disbelief still know His name
If you are attracted to wealth, He enriches the soul that gives of himself
If you are charmed by obscenity, fall to Him to receive an eternal remedy
If you are searching for Truth, seek those that live to find peace with His proof


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