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Dive Deep

by Zeeshawn M. Chughtai

After I turned 30, it put into perspective many things. Mentally, it got to me. But at some point, I stopped caring about how others would start to view me. Rather, I started to appreciate how I viewed myself. There’s ups and downs, ebbs and flows with awareness of God and consciousness of priorities in life. But I’ll tell you, the one thing that has trumped everything is being grateful. Despite the challenges and the difficulties, I’m grateful to God that I’m able to do what I do and be the kind of person that I am without even thinking. You see, habits serve as a benefit to you if they lead you to do good things without thinking of them.

Few are able to offer you answers to the questions you may have, but by immersing yourself in your life, diving deep into your passions, bettering yourself without being perfect, the answers will come sooner than you think. The path is already in front of you. It’s been paved down by people in your own history and tradition, people that have dived deep into uncertainty to find the realities in life. They are a people of courage.

Maya Angelou once said, “The virtue to all principles is courage.” Without courage, you cannot embody any other principle. You cannot be kind if you’re not courageous. You cannot be honest if you’re not courageous. You cannot be hopeful if you’re not courageous. You have to be brave. I’ve learned that in action, not just in theory. You have to be brave. Without bravery, without finding that deepness within you, things are going to be harder. Without bravery, you’ll live in regret and that’s a pain that stings worse than rejection. So whatever opportunities that are in front of you, however limited they may be, take them. See where they take you. God-willing, it’ll get you closer to where you deserve to be.

My hope is that in my pursuit of medicine and doing what I do outside of it I can instill within people a degree of curiosity of themselves. As human beings, I know we are limited. But we cannot limit the learning of ourselves. We must explore the potential that’s within us to really appreciate what God has truly given us. He has given us the means to pursue the unseeable, to make our dreams a reality by giving us this existence we call life. I genuinely believe that. We cannot be a people of cynicism, a people of negative thinking because of past experiences. We must be a people of hope. That’s what the Prophet ﷺ envisioned me to be.

I know I get carried away in talking about deep matters, but when you’re so used to diving in deep waters, it’s harder to be shallow. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t appreciate the shoreline. Every wave clears what was there before. Every wave brings a new beginning.

Be grateful. Show courage. Dive deep. Seek the shoreline.

Light Upon Light

by Zeeshawn M. Chughtai

Green Light | Crescent Moon Nights

by Zeeshawn M. Chughtai

Rappin “Green Light” live on stage at a new venue to welcome the new spring. Much love to Crescent Moon Nights for hosting an amazing open mic with talented artists from the DMV.


by Zeeshawn M. Chughtai

El Sol y La Luna

by Zeeshawn M. Chughtai

Women’s Rights

by Zeeshawn M. Chughtai

#81 // Respect, love, and admiration to the real heroes. #InternationalWomensDay

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by Zeeshawn M. Chughtai

Back on stage in D.C. to start 2017 with the Subcontinental Drift fam. The theme was “Solidarity,” and I debuted my piece in dedication to the current political climate and black history, from Kellyanne “Way-of-the-Con” to Muhammad Ali. #Solidarity

True Love

by Zeeshawn M. Chughtai

Banned American

by Zeeshawn M. Chughtai

Over 50 years ago, a twentysomething Pakistani from a small rural town clawed his entire family out of poverty by believing in grand dreams that could only be realized in a distant land called America. His ticket there came at the price of falling in love with the drive for an education, a privilege few could afford but one that he earned with true grit and divine opportunity. Outside his academia, he scavenged for time just to memorize the whole of the Qur’an, over 6,000 verses that carried a deep rooted love for humanity, service, and respect for people unlike him. So when he arrived on the shores of Norfolk, Virginia in the early ’60s, he came as a rigrously-selected university professor with hopes of teaching a people he could call his own. Within the years, he slowly brought his brothers and sisters so they, too, could be enriched by living the American dream. My grandfather, his brother-in-law, was among the first to be brought over. Despite his decaying health, my grandfather’s patience and hard work brought over my father and the rest of the family to build from a humble beginning. Because of this legacy, I was the first from my immediate family born in a land called America. I know no other home.

My granduncle passed away a month ago as we held his funeral service in the mosque he built brick by brick, cemented with interfaith dialogue and community service in the city that welcomed him 50 years before. He was Muslim. He was Pakistani. He was American. He left over 100+ family members in a land we call home because of him. We are grateful. We are educated. We are imperfect. We are career-driven. We are giving. We are Muslim. We are Pakistani. We are American.

The immigrant story is part of the legacy my granduncle has given me. I’m forever connected to any that arrive at these shores with a dream, to seek refuge in a place where an audacity for hope can build a better tomorrow. And even though bigoted policies have been signed attempting to tarnish that legacy, the outpouring of love and support people have shown in response can only renew it.

Keep loving. Keep renewing. Keep being.

Green Light

by Zeeshawn M. Chughtai

Writer. Poet. Lyrical Artist. Student of Medicine. Muslim. Pakistani. American. I live these labels unapologetically no matter who’s president. So to take on 2017, I recorded this song on the fly last night with help from Abrar and Omar Huda from Huda Music Group (HMG). It’s God, positivity, optimism, and hope that fuel my drive for the future no matter the challenges ahead. Much love fam. #GreenLight

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