Holistic Poetry

We follow in the shadows of generations before us.


To Be Continued

In every tear cried
Is a fear that has died
Courageous are those that have often tried
Yet continue to be while relinquishing pride

In every honest word
Is an action transferred
Balanced are those that are softly heard
Yet continue to be while emotions are stirred

In every wrinkle seen
Is wisdom so serene
Elegant are those that live in their means
Yet continue to be while pursuing their dreams

In every hope shared
Is a heart that has cared
Steady are those that know what is bared
Yet continue to be while being each prayer

Let Go To Receive

When you must leave what you love, trust that God will give you what you yearn.

Melting Shadows

Live To Give Mercy

To belittle mercy in life is to deny the compelling desire of its embrace upon dying breaths.

Walk Alone

Strength In Kindness

My Passions

Writing and medicine have become passions alike siblings. In their youth, they combated one another for space to exist. With time and understanding, they grew with one another at a pace to coexist.

Match Divine Destiny

When you graciously match your disappointments with divine destiny, you think outside of your own circumstances by paving the way for others that may feel reluctant in sharing a similar outcome. They can feel at ease because of your choice in honesty and faith. It’s how we respond that is the mark of true success. Your success isn’t a matter of certainty. It’s a matter of perspective.

Less for More

I take less so I can give more.


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