Holistic Poetry

We follow in the shadows of generations before us.

True Love

How could I not love God more than I love you when He is the One that created you.

The Muslim American

If they sweep our narrative under the rug flip, it over and pray to the One that will share it.

True Justice

To seek justice you must be just even to those that have caused you distress.

Gainful Lesson

I try not to live in a world full of pain but in one that learns because of it.

Forgive Yourself

Forgive yourself because you are human. Forgive yourself because you have value. Forgive yourself because Allah (SWT) is waiting for you to.

All Lives Matter

The Chapel Hill shooting mercilessly took the lives of a young Muslim American brother, his young Muslim American wife, and her young Muslim American sister. Like their family, they strived academically in impassioned careers with both husband and wife in dentistry and the younger sister a talented artist. They not only collectively dedicated their service to their local community by feeding the homeless but reached out to communities abroad to provide free dental care to Syrian refugees in Turkey. They were and still are living examples to the best of standards of whatever ethnic or religious label you wish to tag alongside “American.” They dedicated their lives for the service of others. This is what the Qur’an preaches. This is what Prophet Muhammad ﷺ teaches. It’s not just my faith that these three and I share but the context of the Muslim American experience that we live each and every single day. Our shared experience makes conscious attempts to answer stereotypes with informed dialogue. Our shared experience routinely condemns acts of extremism when the media initially claims otherwise. Our shared experience defends our faith not just with words but with civility behind its action. The little media coverage that is out there is entitled to broadcast this atrocity as the result of a parking dispute while offering this as a private, isolated matter. The people that watch these news reports are also entitled to process them with context, nuance, and common sense. Muslims are tired of terrorism. We want to live our lives just like everyone else in the world. It’s that simple. Terrorism has no ethnic or religious label. It targets us all because of them.

Love Not Estranged

If you make me a stranger it’s all good because I will have love for you the way we all should. #WhoIsMuhammad ﷺ

If I Tell You

If I tell you, “I see you,” would you run and hide?
If I tell you, “I miss you,” would you keep your pride?
If I tell you, “I forgive you,” would you harden your heart?
If I tell you, “I remember you,” would you forget the start?

If I tell you, “I cherish you,” would you wish away the day?
If I tell you, “I’ll carry you,” would you hold on another way?
If I tell you, “I pray for you,” would you live with surprise?
Why tell you, “I love you,” when God can show you with my eyes

World’s Perspective

A world’s perspective is a sphere that cannot be crammed into a narrow box.

Walk Alone

They will mock your failed attempts to journey the unknown, so continue on as they crawl together when you walk alone.


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