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Moving Tears

Sometimes tears just need to be. In exchange they grow you to move. Even the bluest sky will rain. How else can the greenest trees sway in her winds.


#11 by Zeeshawn M. Chughtai

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Declaration of Patience

My silence is not an omission of words but a declaration of patience.

The Best In Me

#10 by Zeeshawn M. Chughtai

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Healing Presence

The grandest gesture you can give to those that grieve is your presence.

Follow the Soul

My soul left the comfort of home in search of His home. How I dared to follow it is no mystery. Even empty shells are curious when left unfulfilled. It sought its renewal as I sought why it mattered. Traveled souls tend to find their way. How odd it was then to be led to a space that expands when one enters. No other host could be the Most Gracious. It is here where the Unseen is not so invisible. Answers reside in the tears of its questions. Air that purses through inspired lips carries the wings of angels. Diverse opinions stand shoulder-to-shoulder humble to the fact of their Creator. From right to left words of peace are shared to a world in need of it. Those that He sent before with signs encouraged others to be the audience to their soul. Listen closely. They whisper a message of mercy the Praiseworthy ﷺ lived to uphold for us all. How beautiful a soul can truly be to benefit the whole of humanity.

Faith Envisioned

The future of my faith to me is that which it was originally intended: to serve as an ambassador for good, to be a shoulder for the heavy-hearted to lean on, to know one another by traveling in shoes more worn than our own, to reach the narrative of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ within the context of his character, and to share the quality of the Most Compassionate with the world we all live in.

Purpose of Adversity

#9 by Zeeshawn M. Chughtai

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Mindful Restraint

#8 by Zeeshawn M. Chughtai

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A Present Unseen

It was unlike him not to focus on the unseen. To rise with the sun humming the praise birds sing so the coldest season can warm to such a melody. To line his fleeting youth with silver so his golden years can know its value. To inspire hearts with sincere verbs so they can breathe with shared purpose. His choices turned struggles into gifts worthy to receive. But unlike the other gifts, the present she gave faded into the ebb and flow of time. He emptied the sands of yesterday into the hourglass of tomorrow turning the world in search of it. What he did discover was the gift to discover. He dared his heart to envision the unseen. It is no wonder that he unwrapped the other gifts to know his own. Gentle hearts tend to work that way. They beat behind closed doors just enough to be felt. If she only knew what he discovered. How precious her present can be even when unseen.


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