Holistic Poetry

We follow in the shadows of generations before us.

Mindful Restraint

#8 by Zeeshawn M. Chughtai

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A Present Unseen

It was unlike him not to focus on the unseen. To rise with the sun humming the praise birds sing so the coldest season can warm to such a melody. To line his fleeting youth with silver so his golden years can know its value. To inspire hearts with sincere verbs so they can breathe with shared purpose. His choices turned struggles into gifts worthy to receive. But unlike the other gifts, the present she gave faded into the ebb and flow of time. He emptied the sands of yesterday into the hourglass of tomorrow turning the world in search of it. What he did discover was the gift to discover. He dared his heart to envision the unseen. It is no wonder that he unwrapped the other gifts to know his own. Gentle hearts tend to work that way. They beat behind closed doors just enough to be felt. If she only knew what he discovered. How precious her present can be even when unseen.

Changing Hearts

Listen to Heal

The broken are not mended by clichés or judgment but by a patient ear that listens to them heal.

The Dark Truth

Dare to breathe air that Garners less than the truth
Brown-colored earth buried deep above the youth
Chewing raw Rice without wisdom in the tooth
Muslim blood paints the space for a parking spoof
Bullets land Scott-free without filming the proof
Such lives are lost without Justice as the sleuth

Change to Grow

To change is to see the reality of your habits. To grow from it is quite another story. It is said in the Holy Qur’an that “God does not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves” (13:11). There are those that put a price to change yet never know the struggle in its payment. To change is to know your wrongs, but to grow is to right those you’ve wronged. Most of us ask for change. Some of us spare some change. But few of us grow to be the change we give.

True Pursuit

The true pursuit of man roams alongside this blue marble in an ever-expanding cosmos. What will drive him to chase its mystery. To track its signs only to share in its truth. If he only knew it pursues him more. How grand little steps can be.

Wordly Fears

Al-Wali (The Protective Friend)

Search for Me
For I am never gone

Long for Me
So you can carry on

Speak to Me
To clear what disturbs

Reach for Me
To renew such verbs

Dream of Me
Until days have no end

Remember Me
Forever your Protective Friend

The Whole Truth

How can we shelter ourselves in a bubble of our own truth without breathing in an air of honesty from its borders.


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